it’s only been a day and it already feels so weird and wrong without him.

i miss him squeaking his crocodile soft toy too much, and going to get a drink when i would go to the bathroom because he didn’t want to be too far away from me. i miss him leaping onto the couch and winding me in his excitement, and the fact that he didn’t wee like a normal boy dog, and how happy he looked when we’d play with him or when he won a play fight with the cats.

what am i supposed to do without him?

today i’ve cleaned up the back yard, washed all of the towels we used to dry him off with/ones that were under his food and water bowl, and donated his toys and the rest of his dry food + treats to the local spca. the last of his tinned meat will go to perriies pup, elvis. i’m keeping his leash and harness at the moment….not sure what to do with that just yet. same deal goes for his bed.

his collar is on my bedside table, and we buried him in the garden, with his favourite towel and his last two bones. mum says we can get some nice plants to put there for him. i thought about a plaque but that would be kind of morbid.

i miss my dog.